Turning 60 !

Club 48 Group
The Club 48 reunited again. When we got together in October 2008 to celebrate all of us hitting 60 and being friends since first grade--or before, we decided to do it again when we hit or approached 62. Linda White now lives in Delaware, so she invited us to her house, I was the designated driver. I got Sandy, then we headed to Cheryl's in Wayne Heights, from there it was to Nancy's in Walkersville, then the long ride to Millsboro, Delaware. We stopped before the Bay Bridge, then back on the road we went. As the chatter increased through the 2 days, we realized we had all shaved the bottom of our legs!!! The topics of conversation varied from cemetery plots to...well just imagine. The catastrophe was that I left my camera at home--beside the computer where I had downloaded pictures on Wednesday night. I immediately bought a cheap little digital, which didn't work well, so they told me to take it back, which I did and got a throw away. They are all developed and on a CD, but I can't figure out how to move them to my photo program. But, other than that it was great. Friday we arrived around 2 and didn't stop until close to 2 AM. Lots of good food, but the best surprise was shortly after we arrived at Linda's, her sister Mary popped out to surprise all of us. It had been a long time since we had seen her, so that was a real treat. Her brave husband told her to go have fun, but Saturday we stopped by their vacation trailer where they camp in the summer. Poor Bill--he was invaded, but took it well and we had another visit with Mary (now a retired Kindergarten teacher). Nancy made chicken cordon bleu, Sandy brought a salad and Cheryl her famous cheesecake, so we had Saturday evening dinner at the house. Sunday morning came all too soon and it was time to head home and back to the real world. Linda is retired, Sandy is retired and works part-time at Green Arbor, Nancy is retiring the end of the year--then there are Cheryl and I. Cheryl will continue to take care of her parents and work at Martin's, then there is me... A great weekend, wonderful visit, and planning for the next time.
Having a Snack  At the Beach